High 5 is a version of netball that has 5 players instead of the usual 7, eliminating the positions of wing attack and defence.

These teams are made up of children aged under 11 and allows them their first experience of playing competitive netball in a friendly and structured learning environment.

At Corby Netball Club we currently have four High 5 teams:

High 5 Team 1

Corby Netball Club High 5 Team 1

CNC High 5 Team 1 have trained together since January 2010, they were very successful in the new Kettering Corby Junior Netball League, winning the recent winter league, improving upon their 2010 position of runners up.

Team 1 are very sociable and are making great progress together and forming great friendships.

High 5 Team 2

Corby Netball Club High 5 Team 2

Team 2 have trained together since September 2010, they are a very competitive hard working team and preparing to take the reins of Team 1 in September 2011.

The team are looking forward to attending the NAYC Action Centre residential which will be a great team bonding experience, helping the team to work effectively together in the future.

High 5 Team 3

Corby Netball Club High 5 Team 3

CNC High 5 Team 3 consists of our youngest club members, all whom are in school years 2, 3 & 4. Team 3 have trained together since January 2010 and although still very young, have great ability, determination and are sure to be stars of the future.

Team 3 are busy preparing to take over the reins from Team 2 in September 2011.

High 5 Team 4

Corby Netball Club High 5 Team 4

High 5 team 4 is newly formed and has just started playing in our summer league.